The Caged Lion

The Caged Lion

About this book

When lion shifter Tate Pearson visits an African shaman who warns him that there is misfortune in his future, Tate doesn’t think much of it. With no mate, no pride, and a military reassignment that keeps him away from the warzone, there isn’t much farther to fall. That is, until his freedom is stripped from him and he ends up on public display. The only thing to keep him sane is the other half of the shaman’s premonition: that the misery he faces will lead to true happiness. All Tate has to do is hold on and hope.

Anna Lewis has worked at Brookside Zoo for five years, but never has she ever encountered a lion like Kosey before. There’s something different about him that has all the zoologist scratching their heads, and Anna’s determined to document everything she can about him so she can get to the bottom of it. But years spent studying and working with big cats could never prepare Anna for the secret Kosey hides. And when he takes her into his den and things start to get heated, Anna is in for a lesson she’ll never forget.

Lion Shifter Paranormal BBW Romance Book