Susy, a Story of the Plains

Susy, a Story of the Plains

About this book

The past is full of painful memory. The future is as bleak as a sun-baked saloon sign above the watering horses.

But Clarence Brant -- and love -- kept him going.

He remembered how he loved his boyhood friend Susy and how he'd been separated from her by an unusual turn of events that had changed his fortunes.

Now he was traveling -- to see Susy . . . and Mrs. Peyton, openly, without the disguise he'd used after the incident at the gold mines.

Mrs. Peyton was beautiful. Susy was charming and spunky. In the dusty wilds of the Old West, Clarence sought them out -- for reasons of which even he was not fully aware.

Bret Harte is best known for his early stories Outcast of Poker Flats and The Luck of Roaring Camp. In fact, he wrote much more, even better stories and novels of the American West in the 1890s. The unforgettable Susy: A Story of the Plains is one of them.